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Main Meal Chicken Mftoul Fish Sayadieh Steak in Mustard sauce Fish on skewers Chicken in Pesto Sauce Parmesan Garlic Crumbed Fish
Soup Clear Vegetable soup (Consomme') Carrots & coriander Soup Lentil & chard with lemon Soup Potato leeks Soup lentil Soup Mushroom soup
Light Meal Mdardara Beef Shepherd pie Chicken Ala king Vegetarian Lasagna Kubeh Sajieh Chicken Shish Taouk
Basic Salad Rocca Salad Fatoush Beets Salad Red Cabbage Slaw Greek Salad Artichoke Salad
Special Salad Tuna & Wild Rice Salad Mexican Chicken salad Lentil salad Summer Pasta Salad Asian beef salad Grilled Halloumi Salad
Dairy Sandwich Grilled Halloumi & Pesto Sandwich Dairy platter Halloumi & Black Olives Paste Sandwich Labanh & Sundried Tomatoes Sandwich Feta cheese Sandwich Labanh & Mint Sandwich
Meat Sandwich Eggs Salad Sandwich Beef Shawerma Rolls Chicken Musakhan Rolls Parmesan Sandwich Turkey Sandwich Homos with sumac Rolls
Snack Carrot Cake Milk Pudding Spicy Dry Cake Chocolate Coconut Pudding Lemon Cake Walnut &Ginger Cookies
Extra Snack