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Main Meal Chicken Mftoul Salmon in sweet Chilli sauce Beef with Okra Stew Rolled Fish with Spinach Chicken Musakhan Beef Makhshi Zucchini
Soup Potato Leeks Soup Lentil Soup Clear Vegi Soup Freekeh Soup Cream of Tomato Soup Cream Vegi Soup
Light Meal Eggplant Lasagna Shish Barak Chicken Fajita Beef Cannelloni Mexican potatoes Beef Stir fry
Basic Salad Fatoush Rocca Salad Greek Salad Coleslaw Quinoa Tabbouleh Beets Salad
Special Salad Quinoa Salad Mexican Beef Salad Chicken Caesar Salad Lentil Salad Beef Salad Chicken Pesto Salad
Dairy Sandwich Grilled halloumi Sandwich Mozzarella Rolls Grilled Halloumi & Pesto Sandwich Dairy platter Breakfast Halloumi & Rocca Sandwich Labanh & Mint Rolls
Meat Sandwich Turkey Sandwich Beef Shawarma Rolls Parmesan Cheese Sandwich Chicken Pesto Sandwich Egg Salad Sandwich Tuna Wrap
Snack Carrot Cake Milk Pudding Spicy Dry Cake Chocolate Coconut Pudding Lemon Cake Walnut &Ginger Cookies
Extra Snack