Our diet plans are on the basis of the six food groups on the Food Pyramid of American Dietetic Association (ADA). Each diet item is measured by the standard Food Exchange List to fit properly in the diet plan. As Joan Rivers rightly said- “Diets, like clothes, should be tailored to you”, we calculate Basic Metabolic Requirement (BMR) of your body and set your minimum daily calorie intake by adding reasonable calories required for daily lifestyles. 

You are what you eat!  Monitoring the types of calories in our client's diets is another important element of our meal plans programs. It's important to maintain the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Shocking the system is key, and ensuring to derail the body from its comfort zone. 

Our food, We create a balanced, delicious and nutritious Mediterranean cuisine cooked with much nourishments for the body. We steer clear of ready-made sauces, canned and highly processed food additives and believe in enhancing the flavor using spices and herbs good for your health. Our fresh baked bread and all organic seasonal fruits and vegetables make our meals unique. 

Cooking process All our meals are lightly cooked, grilled, steamed and sautéed and follow main ingredients add the healthy goodness to what we cook: Olive oil, whole grains, high-grade eggs white, meat, fish, chicken, lean meat from beef, low-fat dairy products and raw nuts.

We take care of you… Our aim is to help you in a way that you are still happy with the change process. In the same direction we follow your likes/dislikes and pay detailed attention to your food allergies or intolerances. Your food is created based on such details, and our team finds creative food solutions to make sure you get the right food for body and soul. Each client gets a personal record of all information including medical condition or medication he/she is on, to maintain the plan ensuring full safety.

Proper hygiene and food safety are our priorities while packing your meals.


Price per week

A) Full Package. All included. (monthly plans available) 115 JDs
B) Main Meal & Salad & Snacks & sandwich. 90 JDs
C) Main Meal & Salad & Soup OR Sandwich. 75 JDs
D) Main Meal & Salad OR Soup OR Sandwich. 60 JDs
E) Light Meal & Salad OR Sandwich OR Soup. 50 JDs